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Hey Joseph,

I must say Dann Huff sounds like the dude I need to start reading more about. I was really impressed when I read he produced for Faith Hill, which shows me he is a versatile type of producer. Dann Huff’s experience as a session guitarist, songwriter, and a Band member made him the best producer because he could speak to musicians in a way most producers probably couldn’t. Be able to keep that consistency as a high level shows passion and creativity for creating music. Really glade I chose to read your post I will do some more reading on Dann to find out what other artist he has worked with.

Eminem Entry Post – Topic of choice

Marshall Mather’s better known, as “Eminem” is one of hip-hops most talented artist we have ever gotten the privilege to listen to. The Detroit based rapper dropped out of high school after failing the ninth grade he joined “Basement Production” where he join the groups “D12 and The New Jacks”. Eminem’s career would later steer him to a runner up at the LA rap Olympics and winning and taking the wake up show freestyle performer of the year award. After signing with Dr. Dre Eminem would later in his career win 3 Grammy’s for Best Rap Solo Performance “The Real Slim Shady”, Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group “Forgot About Dre”, and Best Rap Album for “The Marshall Mather’s LP” adding to the two he won the previous year for “My Name Is” (Best Rap Solo Performance) and The Slim Shady LP (Best Rap Album). Eminem also holds the fastest selling hip-hop album of all time with 2 million copies sold the first two weeks and if you ask the he made a statement with that album stamping his name as one of the hip hop greats.

As a listener and as an industry professional Eminem has taught me to never give up and no matter what your situation in life. Put everything into what you’re doing because you don’t know it but someone’s always listening, be creative push the boundaries but never forget your goal. Hard work and dedication is what Eminem has shown in his career in the recording industry. He has worked with talented producers like Dr. Dre because he never gave up on his dream of becoming a rap star. He battled his way through rap battles and told you about his personal life in a weird but sometime disturbing manner but he brought it every time he did something. So for the course of this next five years I see myself progressing each year when it come to performing on a track or even mixing a record. Setting goals for myself do that I can become the next person in hip-hop history to sell 2 million copies in the first two weeks of my album release.

Peer Comment Entry

Hey Joseph,

No doubt about it, Kraftwerk is an amazing electronic music group and I do agree with you when you say that they paved the way for Rave, Techno ext. I believe that they were ahead of there time when they started creating this music. I mean they weren’t only talented with when it came to music, they were really technical and when they starting creating music. Which is why I find it amusing that the groups first album was an artistic statement because it was really good music. Their creativity paved they way for a lot of artist today and great as a professional and as a fan to see as it continues.

Kraftwerk Entry

One of the most talented and innovative bands of electronic music, Kraftwerk a band from Germany stands at the top of electronic music. Kraftwerk’s lead by Ralf and Florian, were the lead songwriters and musician of the group everyone else pretty much worked as session artist. One of the albums released by the Kraftwerk’s was titled Autobahn and it was released in Germany at the end on 1974 in the UK. This album helped jump-started the Kraftwerk’s career the album was inspired by the beach boys topped the charts in the UK and in the US. The Kraftwerk’s later followed “Autobahn” with “ Radio-Activity” released at the end of 1975 the concept of the album was about nuclear energy and the radio, it album featured shorter tracks but it was a product of newer equipment and better enhancing their sound. The Kraftwerk’s was always up to date with technology most of their gear was custom made and they even had a company custom made a neon lights with their names on them like displayed on first album “Autobahn”. The Kraftwerk’s lyrics played a major role with Germany because at the time theme for German pop was cliché and it was basically themes of love and homeland and portrayed false emotions on how the people really felt. Kraftwerk’s music on the other hand was in German it was considered not so good lyric but it was so obvious that it became an artistic statement. As an industry professional this Kraftwerk is an amazing group, not only where they talented with syth’s and with there music they were different. In Germany there music gave the people hope, they also showed the US that Germany has good music and that they were not going to be a pass trend. To make a statement like that and have the success that they had it’s just amazing.

Peer Comment

Hey Darius,

Most artists are told by some people what they should create their music and it sucks. I’ve witnessed a couple occasions where some artist change their whole look and style of making because people/record labels. Marvin Gaye spoke about how he felt, what he seen and how he seen society. It also was cool to learn how he fused a lot of style of music together but still keep his Motown style of making music.

Marvin Gaye Entry

The late Marvin Gaye was born in Washington DC and was raised in a Christian background and started singing in church. He eventually got signed to Motown records in the early 1960 and started as a session drummer for other artist. He later released his album “The Soulful Moods of Marvin Gaye” which was a mix between Jazz music and R&B so he could please his record label. His popularity later grew with his first charting album “Together” with Mary Wells as his duet for the album, later followed my his next hit album “Moods of Marvin Gaye” giving him his first hit single I’ll be doggone. In 1971 Marvin Gaye convince his record label to do something different, his next album “What’s going on” would change the way artist create music. What’s going on was a mix between Jazz and Funk the album discussed social and political issues that became popular in soul music. The album won 3 top ten singles and gave Marvin more creative control over his music. With the power to explore his creative mind Marvin followed up with five more albums and all seen success but the album “Live at the London Palladium” produced Marvin’s 3rd number 1 pop hit. Marvin Gaye knew he had a chance to speak and be heard about what the things that was happening and he took and chance with that album and did an amazing job. I think that as professionals in the recording industry Marvin Gaye inspires me to do better in everything I try. He ventured off in many area of music and can create some beautiful music because of his love for it. The album “What’s going on” will always be one of my favorite albums and even the mixing quality of the album and the how balance the vocals were amazed me.



Hi my names Casey Simeon and I and a student in the recording Arts bachelors at Full Sail University and I don’t consider myself a musician of any kind but I will say I am a big fan of music. I love the process of putting together music and the creating process of music, its a feeling like no other. Musicians are great at creating music that touch the listener and I just want to give the Artist the best recording and mix to give to there fans. I would like to say that my primary focus in the music industry would be to become a great engineer and be the go to guy when it comes to mixing big records but I know that will come with time experience and hard work.

Pet Sounds

Some may say The Beatles Pet sound album was one of the best albums created others may say different but its hard disagree in this case.Brain wilson is a talented and amazing musician who help or should i say made the Pet Sounds album. Brian Wilson’s played a major role with the Beach Boys because he came up with basically the whole idea for the album. He had his hands in everything from recording vocals to writing melodies and I must say he did a hell of a job. The Beatles album Rubber Soul Influenced Brain Wilson to write and record the Pet Sounds album. The first time he heard the album he was blown away and he immediately went to the piano and started writing melodies because he wanted to write something better than the Rubber Soul album. Brain Wilson was also a great engineer because he only hadThe Beatles come in to record one song a day at most two because he didn’t want to stress the band and he always got the perfect recording he wanted he the band got into the studio. Also his use of sounds like dogs barking,whistles, train sound etc, was a brilliant move because it showed his creativity and approach to painting a perfect picture. The Pet Sounds album also made the listener feel different emotions throughout the album. Pet Sounds was a great album and it was something people weren’t ready for. To be able to come up with the idea of having a album that was a complete thought is simply a smart move. As an industry professional it inspires me to try new things and approaches that some people would never do to test my creativity. I will say Brain Wilson is a very talented person and I wish I would have known about the Beatles a long time ago because they are worth the listen.